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Able Fax Tif View - Online Help

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Command line parameters

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It is possible to perform Able Fax Tif View commands from the command line.


Command line string:


faxtifview.exe inputfilename /page=pagenumber /fileslist=(file1;file2;file3) /list=fileslist /twain-parameter=value  /acquire  /acquire-mode=value  /view  /savefolder=folder /settings=your-settings /merge /export=0 /batchprocess  /actlist=action-list




inputfilename - full name to input file (e.g "c:\example.tif")


pagenumber - page number to load.


/fileslist - allows to load a list of files

e.g. /fileslist=("C:\Temp3\TestFiles11.tif";"C:\TEMP2\Fax00000404.tif";"C:\TEMP1\AFV-settings.jpg")


/list - allows to load a list of files (from a text file)

fileslist - list of files (e.g. "c:\myfiles.txt")


/acquire - start the Acquire function at program starting


/acquire-mode=value - allows to set an acquire mode.



allows you to perform the following actions:

- scanning

- auto save to file

- auto close the program

(e.g. faxtifview.exe /acquire /acquire-mode=2 /savefolder="c:\temp\" /twain-file-name="fromscanner1.tif")

Scanned file will be saved as "c:\temp\fromscanner1.tif"


/print - this parameter allows to print selected file


/printwodialog - this parameter allows to print selected file without dialog window


/view - this parameter allows to disable all editing functions in the program.


/savefolder=folder - default folder for "Save" and "Export" commands

( e.g. /savefolder="c:\temp2\" )


/settings - allows to load the program settings (Settings | Export Settings)

your-settings - file with settings (e.g. "c:\mysettings.ini")


/merge - allows to merge files from the files list (/list parameters) and save as new file (/output parameter)

(e.g. /merge /list="c:\myfiles.txt" /output="c:\mynewfile.tif"


/export - allows to export all (/export=0), odd (/export=1) or even (/export=2) pages to new file (/output parameter)

(e.g. faxtifview.exe "c:\temp\TestFiles.tif" /export=0 /output="c:\temp\TestFilesNew.tif"


/batchprocess - allows to run the batch process from a command line string.


/batchsavefolder=folder -  folder for "Batch Process" command.

( e.g. /batchsavefolder="c:\temp3" )


/actlist - allows to load a list of actions (from a text file). Used with /batchprocess parameter.

action-list - list of actions (e.g. "c:\myactions1.txt" or "c:\myactions2.actl")




TWAIN parameters.



PixelType is the type of pixel data that a scanner is capable of acquiring.


Valid values are:

0 : Black & white (1 bit)

1 : Gray scale (8 bit)

2 : full RGB (24 bit)


(e.g. /twain-pixel-type=0 /acquire)




TwainDPI is the DPI (Dots per Inch) in the X-axis and Y-axis.


(e.g. /twain-dpi=200 /acquire)




If TwainDuplex is 1, the scanner scans both sides of a paper; otherwise (0), the scanner will scan only one side.




If AutoFeed is 1, the scanner will automatically feed the next page from the document feeder.




AutoBright=1 enables and 0 disables the Source's Auto-brightness function (if any).




Brightness value. Allowed range is -1000 to +1000.




Contrast value. Allowed range is -1000 to +1000.




Gamma is the gamma value of your scanner.




x1,y1 - is the left-top point of the rectangle to acquire measured in inches.

x2,y2 - is the right-bottom point of the rectangle to acquire measured in inches.


(e.g. /twain-size=(1;1;4.2;6.0) /acquire)




Name of a file received from the scanner.


( e.g. /twain-file-name="MyFile1.tif" )