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Able Batch Image Converter Software

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for windows 95, 98, me, nt, 2000, xp, vista Compatible with Windows 8 Compatible with Windows 10 Compatible with Windows 11

How to convert images in batch? The most user-friendly batch image converter is Able Batch Image Converter. It converts any number of images in batch, rotate, resizes, crops etc.

Able Batch Image Converter does exactly what its title suggests, allowing you to easily convert multiple graphics files at the click of a button.

    More than that, you can also edit images directly in Able Batch Image Converter, to produce a variety of effects (rotate, flip, resize, mirror, auto crop, filters, noise remove, deskewing, watermarks, margins, color enhancements etc).

Image files you can convert from:
  • JPEG Bitmap (jpg, jpeg, jpe, jif)
  • PaintBrush (pcx)
  • Windows Bitmap (bmp, dib, rle)
  • TIFF Bitmap (tif, tiff, fax, g3n, g3f, xif)
  • CompuServe Bitmap (gif)
  • Windows Icon (ico)
  • Windows Cursor (cur)
  • Portable Network Graphics (png)
  • Windows Metafile (wmf)
  • Enhanced Windows Metafile (emf)
  • WIC formats (Windows Imaging Component). Extensions *.dds,*.wdp, *.jxr, *.hdp, *.heic, *.heif, *.heics, *.avcs, *.heifs, *.webp
  • Targa Bitmap (tga, targa, vda, icb, vst, pix)
  • Portable Pixmap, GrayMap, BitMap (pxm, ppm, pgm, pbm)
  • Wireless Bitmap (wbmp)
  • JPEG2000 (jp2)
  • JPEG2000 Code Stream (j2k, jpc, j2c)
  • Multipage PCX (dcx)
  • Camera RAW (crw, cr2, nef, raw, pef, raf, x3f, bay, orf, srf, mrw, dcr, dng, arw, rw2, rwl ...)
  • Photoshop PSD (psd)
  • Adobe PDF format (PDF)
  • PostScript (PS, EPS)
  • Adobe Illustrator (AI)
  • Kodak PCD (*.pcd)
  • DICOM (*.dcm;*.dic;*.dicom)
  • DR HALO CUT (*.cut)
  • AVS (*.avs)
  • Kodak Cineon (*.cin)
  • Graphviz DOT (*.dot)
  • SMTPE DPX (*.dpx)
  • FITS (*.fits)
  • FlashPIX (*.fpx)
  • HDF (*.hdf)
  • Matlab (*.mat)
  • MIFF (*.miff)
  • MTV Raytracer (*.mtv)
  • Palm Pixmap (*.palm)
  • HP PCL Printer (*.pcl)
  • Apple PICT (*.pict)
  • PIX (*.pix)
  • PWP (*.pwp)
  • RLA (*.rla)
  • Irix RGB (*.sgi)
  • SUN Rasterfile (*.sun)
  • Scalable Vector Graphic (*.svg)
  • TrueType/Postscript font (*.ttf)
  • VICAR (*.vicar)
  • Khoros VIFF (*.viff)
  • XBM (*.xbm)
  • GUMP XCF (*.xcf)
  • XPM (*.xpm)
  • JBIG files

Program allows to work with video files using DirectShow (AVI, MPEG, WMV and other DirectX supported formats).

Actions list:
  • Remove Noise
  • Remove isolated pixels
  • Remove Punch Holes (automatically detects the location of punch holes on the image and removes them).
  • Remove Black Areas
  • Resize (pixel, inch, mm, percent)
  • Resize with Condition
  • Canvas size
  • Change Aspect Ratio (Extend and Trim)
  • Rotate / Flip
  • Ability to choose necessary pages for "Rotate\Flip" command
  • Deskewing
  • Deskewing Fine
  • Add margins
  • Add Border
  • Crop
  • Crop-center
  • Auto Crop
  • Auto Crop 2
  • Auto Crop Line
  • Custom Crop
  • Negative
  • Change Resolution
  • Change JPEG Quality
  • Color Depth Change (24 bit, 8 bit, gray, B&W - 3 methods)
  • "Color Depth Change | To ... bit" with Condition
  • Color Depth Change | 16 bit (per channel, color)
  • Color Depth Change | 16 bit (gray)
  • Color Depth Change | 4 bit (16 colors)
  • Automatic B&W conversion
  • Color Adjust (Contrast, Brightness, Hue, Saturation ...)
  • Effects (User filters, Bump map, Lens, ...)
  • Swap Color Channel
  • Auto Image Enhancement - Adjust Image Luminosity, Auto Image Enhance,   Auto Sharp, Hist Auto Equalize,  White Balance Auto White, White Balance Gray World.
  • Add Soft Shadow
  • Color Adjust - Contrast 2
  • Color Adjust - Contrast 3
  • Color Adjust -> Equalization
  • Change Color
  • Change Color 2
  • Remove Alpha Channel (Transparency)
  • Export Alpha Channel
  • Import Alpha Channel from File
  • TIFF file - Edit TIFF Tag.
  • Watermark (with transparency, shadow and border)
  • Pixel Thickening.
  • Pixel Thinning.
  • Background and Wallpaper
  • Set Transparent Color
  • Add text (with transparency, shadow, border ...)
  • TIFF | Combine annotations with background
  • Combine Annotations (2)
  • TIFF files | Remove Tag
  • MULTI-PAGE files | Split pages
  • MULTI-PAGE files | Reorder pages
  • MULTI-PAGE files | Reverse of pages
  • MULTI-PAGE files | Remove pages
  • Remove EXIF
  • Remove All Metadata
  • Add / Change EXIF tag
  • Add GPS Location
Image files you can convert to:
  • JPEG Bitmap (JPG)
  • CompuServe Bitmap (GIF)
  • TIFF Bitmap (TIF)
  • PaintBrush (PCX)
  • Portable Network Graphics (PNG)
  • Windows Bitmap (BMP)
  • OS/2 Bitmap (BMP)
  • Targa Bitmap (TGA)
  • Portable PixMap (PXM)
  • Portable PixMap (PPM)
  • Portable GreyMap (PGM)
  • Portable Bitmap (PBM)
  • JPEG2000 (JP2)
  • JPEG2000 Code Stream (J2K)
  • Multipage PCX (DCX)
  • Adobe PDF format (PDF)
  • PostScript (PS, EPS)
  • Wireless Bitmap (WBMP)
  • Adobe PSD
  • ICO format
  • Windows Metafile (wmf)
  • Enhanced Windows Metafile (emf)
  • Real RAW (BMPRAW) not camera RAW
  • Kodak PCD (*.pcd)
  • WebP (*.webp)
  • AVS (*.avs)
  • Kodak Cineon (*.cin)
  • Graphviz DOT (*.dot)
  • SMTPE DPX (*.dpx)
  • FITS (*.fits)
  • FlashPIX (*.fpx)
  • HDF (*.hdf)
  • MIFF (*.miff)
  • MTV Raytracer (*.mtv)
  • Palm Pixmap (*.palm)
  • HP PCL Printer (*.pcl)
  • Apple PICT (*.pict)
  • Irix RGB (*.sgi)
  • SUN Rasterfile (*.sun)
  • Scalable Vector Graphic (*.svg)
  • VICAR (*.vicar)
  • Khoros VIFF (*.viff)
  • XBM (*.xbm)
  • GUMP XCF (*.xcf)
  • XPM (*.xpm)
Special features:
  • Multilanguage interface.
  • Image preview
  • Conversion Preview. Allows you to see the result of the conversion before starting with a large number of files.
  • Drag and drop files from explorer.
  • Keep folder structure (Result tab)
  • Automatic correction of the white balance for RAW files.
  • Saving Actions List to file.
  • Loading Actions List from file.
  • Actions moving.
  • Actions editing.
  • Child folder (Results tab | Output folder)
  • Combining TIFF annotations with background
  • Drag and drop files and folders from Explorer (to the program window or desctop icon)
  • "Default compression" settings for TIFF files
  • Ability to delete original files after conversion
  • Overwriting duplicate files
  • Auto Adjust Orientation
  • Auto-Rotate by EXIF orientation tag
  • Drag&Drop filter
  • Logging
  • "File Information" button
  • Renaming of files with identical names
  • Drag&Drop of ACTL files (Actions List)
  • Drag&Drop of BFL files (Batch File List)
  • Export/Import all settings into (from) a file (files list, actions list, program settings)
  • Color Management System (ICC profiles)
  • Custom size for vector images (Can improve the quality and reduce pixelation).
  • Sound notification after the batch process is completed.

Command line working:

  • /resize, /dpi, /color, /tiff, /gif
  • Mask (e.g. *.jpg) for input and output files
  • Resizing with condition.
  • /changecolor, /deskewing
  • /autocrop
  • /deskewingfine
  • /autocrop2, /pages
  • /actlist - to load actions list
  • /filelist="your-files-list"
  • /deleteorig
  • /prefix and /suffix (renaming)
  • /print
  • /hide
  • /pdfpapersize
  • /text
  • /withoutsubfolders
  • /rotate=(angle)

    Able Batch Image Converter can take any number of images in any format (over 90 file formats supported) and convert them within seconds to any of the twenty most popular formats.

    With all these features, simple interface, excellent usability, low cost and free trial period - why are you still reading? Press that Download button now!

    Download Able Batch Image Converter right now - Click Here!

Tutorial - How to ...


How to convert images (photos) to other image format (file extension)

How to resize images (photos)

How to crop images (photos)

Screenshots (click thumbnails to see big image)

1. Main Window

batch image converter

2. Advanced Save dialog.

photo converter

3. Print dialog.

picture converter

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Image Converter Testimonials

Daniel L. Lieberman

I receive pdfs of scanned documents that are too light and not straight. I can deskew them and increase the contrast so they are more readable.

Chuck Shoecraft

I am a photography fan. I have been taking photos since 1959 when I was in High School.
I have a large number of 35mm slides and many more digital images from several different cameras I have owned or currently own. I display some of my photos on my personal web site, www.shoeair.com, and have found Able Batch Image Converter to be a great aid in preparing all of the photos for my web pages Primarily for rotating the portrait images, and for sizing all of the images I post. I often use Adobe Photoshop to enhance images, which usually includes cropping. While it is easy to maintain the correct ratio when cropping in Photoshop, it requires more steps to make sure all photos are the same size. With Able Batch Image Converter is becomes an easy talk.

Michael Kovnat

1) I am going to use Able batch Image Converter to convert photographs I have taken from lossy JPEG format to lossless TIF format with LZW compression, which is a more archivally stable file format.

2) What I like most about Able Batch Image Converter is just the simplicity and how easy it is to learn to use.

See other testimonials.


Press Release and Awards

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