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Custom Software Programming.
Graphic Applications

What can custom programming do to expand and benefit your business?

If your business doesn't have a computer department or your computer department is over extended, can help. Use to complete start-to-end projects, developer help, and for maintenance type work.

A custom program is fully customized software based on the specific requirements of your business.

We can turn your project idea into reality! Our software development process provides a powerful, repeatable, and cost effective tool for delivering high quality software for you. We use in-house programmers along with your staff.

GraphicRegion has a great experience in developing of image processing software for Windows. Our applications are just an example showing the quality of our development. Based on our experience in processing of TIFF, JPEG and PDF files, we can offer to develop a complex document processing system for your company. The basic architecture of such a system could look like this:

Input Processing Output
Folder, which contains files File processing of PDF or graphic files (TIFF, JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP, DICOM etc.) Extract data to file(s)
Hardware (e.g. scanner) Sending data by e-mail
Third-party software  


Input. The transfer of data or files for further processing. The following methods may be implemented:
  • Real-time monitoring of the directory. If a new file is detected then its contents are sent for processing.
  • The transfer of data or files from third-party software (e.g. scanner's software, e-mail clients etc.);
  • The transfer of data or files from external hardware.
  • Any other input methods can be considered for development.

Processing. The following content can be automatically analyzed to start post-processing actions:

  • Analysis of the text content of PDF;
  • Analysis of the graphic content of files, including OCR (Optical Character Recognition ) and OBR (Optical Barcode Recognition);
  • Analysis of the comments (annotations) of TIFF and PDF files;
  • Analysis of the XML content of PDF files;
  • Analysis of the XMP content of TIFF files;
  • Analysis of the EXIF and IPTC content of TIFF and JPEG files;
  • Any other criteria can be implemented.

Output. The following post-processing actions can be automatically performed:

  • Update initial files;
  • Extract data or pages to a separate file(s). Send file(s) by e-mail or anything else, if needed;
  • Any other actions can be considered for development.

Actions with files.

  • Automatic Image Enhancement
  • Color Adjustment
  • Chroma Key
  • Geometric (Rotate, resize, crop, etc)
  • Noise
  • Paint
  • Shadows
  • Steganography
  • etc.

Please contact us via e-mail at



We were looking for a partner who could provide us with a small custom add-on software for our CRM-System, which we were unable to do ourselves. After sending a description of what the program should look like, we received the first version within 2 days. All of our additional and upcoming wishes were promptly made within shortest time. Some of them so fast, you could forget, that the programmers are situated in the U.S., not here in Europe.

So finally we received a perfect-fit, really stable and easy to use program at an absolutely reasonable price. 100% recommendation for "" from us!

Markus Poeschl
Schustermann & Borenstein GmbH



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