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History log


+ Added feature
* Improved/changed feature

Able Batch Converter

+ New language: Polish

Able Batch Converter

+ New action: Add GPS Location

Able Batch Converter

+ New action: Add / Change EXIF tag

Able Batch Converter

+ New input and output format: WebP.

Able Batch Converter

+ Sound notification after the batch process is completed.

Able Batch Converter

+ Added new methods for "Change Aspect Ratio" action: Extend and Trim (adding margins or cropping an image).

Able Batch Converter

+ Added new parameters for more convenient work with "Change Aspect Ratio" action (Auto Preview, Auto Color).
* Improved program performance when called from Explorer's context menu. All selected files are now included in one list.

Able Batch Converter

+ New action: Multi-page file | Delete ALL blank pages.

Able Batch Converter

+ The algorithm for determining the automatic color for the background is improved in the following commands: Canvas Size, Remove Hole Punches, Background and WallPaper.

Able Batch Image Converter

January, 2022

+ Ability to resize the program window.
+ New command: Conversion Preview. Allows you to see the result of the conversion before starting with a large number of files.

Able Batch Image Converter

June, 2021

+ All formats supported by WIC (Windows Imaging Component) are available. Extensions *.dds, *.wdp, *.jxr, *.hdp, *.heic, *.heif, *.heics, *.avcs, *.heifs, *.webp.

Able Batch Image Converter

March, 2021

+ New language: Italian.
+ New language: German.
+ New language: Chinese.
+ New language: Japanese.
+ New language: Korean.

Able Batch Image Converter 3.21

January, 2021

* Improved "Remove Punch Holes" tool.
+ New parameter "Tolerance" for "Auto Crop Line" action.
+ New language: Brazilian Portuguese.

Able Batch Image Converter 3.20

January, 2020

+ New action: Remove Black Areas
+ New parameter for "Remove Black Areas": Remove only areas near edge
+ New version of "GhostScript" plug-in.

Able Batch Image Converter 3.19

January, 2019

+ New file type: ORG - original. Allows to keep the original file type (extension).
+ Now program allows to remove pages in the Batch mode.
   Use "Multi-page file - Remove Pages" action.
+ New language: Dutch.
+ New command line parameter: /deskewingfine (estimates the orientation angle
   of the lines of text and rotates the current image).
+ Now program allows to edit the "ChangeColor2" action.
+ Ability to convert multipage files (TIFF, GIF, DICOM etc.)
   to AVI file (Video for Windows).

Able Batch Image Converter 3.18

February, 2018

+ New language: Arabic.

Able Batch (Image) Converter 3.17

February, 2017

+ New language: Spanish.
+ New action: Remove Punch Holes (automatically detects the location of punch holes on the image and removes them).
+ New command line parameter: /withoutsubfolders (e.g /inputfile="e:\temp\*.tif" /withoutsubfolders)
+ New action: Color Adjust -> Equalization
+ New values of "Resample Filter" ("Resize" action)

Able Batch (Image) Converter 3.10

March 15, 2015

+ New feature: Ability to choose necessary pages for "Rotate\Flip" command
  (in the Batch mode). All pages, odd or even.
+ New parameter: "Background color" for "Add Text (Watermark)" action
+ New command line parameter: for "Add Text (Watermark)" action
+ New command line parameter: /rotate=(angle). Allows to rotate images.
+ New feature: "Preview" window for "Deskewing" action.
+ New language: French.
+ New language: Hindi.
+ New feature: custom size for vector images (Can improve the quality and reduce pixelation).
- Fixed issue with size of ICO files.

Able Batch (Image) Converter 3.9

March 15, 2014

+ New action: Combine Annotations (2)
+ New: program allows to work with big PDF files
+ New parameter: Fit to page (Insert Image Watermark action)
+ New command line parameter: /pdfpapersize (allows to specify output size for PDF files)
+ New: program allows to work with video files using DirectShow
    (AVI, MPEG, WMV and other DirectX supported formats).
* Resolved: Issue with thumbnails in Windows Explorer

Able Batch (Image) Converter 3.8

February 22, 2013

+ New feature: Ability to split pages in multi-page file and save into several single-page files
+ New feature: Ability to open output folder after conversion
+ Program loading is accelerated
+ New TIFF compression: ZIP, AdobeZIP
* Fixed: Selections on big images

Able Batch (Image) Converter 3.7

November 20, 2012

+ New parameters: Overwriting duplicate files
+ New action: Change JPEG Quality
+ Color Management System (ICC profiles)

Able Batch (Image) Converter 3.6

March 08, 2012

- Fixed bug with deleting files
+ New parameters: Custom Filter (Add Folder command)
+ New parameter: Separator Character (Settings | Save | Multipage converting)
+ New action: Color Depth Change | 16 bit (per channel, color)
+ New action: Color Depth Change | 16 bit (gray)
+ New action: Color Depth Change | 4 bit (16 colors)
+ New parameter: Dominant Color ("Background and Wallpaper" action)

Able Batch (Image) Converter 3.5

April 15, 2011

+ New parameters for Resize action (Antialiasing and Resample filter).
+ New parameters: Save multipage file into PDF, PS, AVI, GIF, TIF, DCX format as ...
  (Several one-page files or Multipage file)
+ New variables for "Add Text" action: Pages-Number, Pages-Count 
+ New action: Change Color 2 (to transform a range of colors to new color)
+ New parameter: PDF Papper Size = Auto (Result tab | PDF | Advanced)
+ New parameter: Rename files - Original or Converted (Result tab)
+ New parameter: Change Resolution and Resize Image ('Change Resolution' action)
+ New parameter: PDF Paper Size = Original Size (Result tab | PDF | Advanced)
+ New parameter: Paper Size = AUTO (Plug-ins | Step 3)
+ Preview for PDF, EPS, AI files in OPEN dialog window.
* Improved: "/hide" command line parameter
+ Preview area for "CanvasSize" command (action).
+ Preview area for "Change Aspect Ratio" command (action).
+ New parameter: JPEG Compression (Settings | Save tab).
+ New command: Invert Selection (Files tab | Selection)
+ New command: Save Selected items to file (Files tab | Selection)
+ New parameter: {FileName} variable for Edit TIFF Tag action
+ Export/Import all settings into(from) a file (files list, actions list, program settings)
+ New action: Export Alpha Channel
+ New parameters for "Remove Alpha Channel" action
+ New action: Import Alpha Channel from File
+ New command: Files tab | Files List | Copy to clipboard
+ New command: Files tab | Files List | Paste from clipboard
+ New parameter-condition: "If image Wider than" (Resize action)
+ New parameter-condition: "If image Higher than" (Resize action)
- Fixed problem with PCD files. Program allows to open PCD files with maximum size
+ New parameter: DateTime Stamp (Settings | Save tab)
+ New parameter: Size for Background action
+ Ability to use Ghost Script Plug-In for 64bit OS
- Fixed bug with transparent GIF files.

Able Batch (Image) Converter 3.4

February 15, 2010

+ New action: Change Aspect Ration
+ New parameter for "Add/Remove Margins" action: Pages (All, Odd, Even)
+ New parameter: Keep folder structure (Result tab)
+ New action: Background and Wallpaper
+ New settings: Confirmations
+ New command line parameter: /deleteorig
+ New input RAW formats: *.dng;*.arw;*.rw2;*.rwl
+ New command line parameters for resizing: /prefix and /suffix
+ New command line parameters for printing: /print
+ New action: Convert to 32 bit
+ New settings: Rename files
+ New action: Add Border
+ New parameter: Preview for "Add Soft Shadow" action.
+ New action: Remove EXIF
+ New action: Remove All Metadata

Able Batch (Image) Converter 3.3

September 05, 2009

- Bug with "Edit Tiff Tag".
+ New action: Remove Alpha Channel (Transparency)
+ New action: TIFF files | Remove Tag
+ New action: MULTI-PAGE files | Split pages
+ New action: MULTI-PAGE files | Reorder pages
+ New action: MULTI-PAGE files | Reverse of pages
+ Multilanguage interface.
+ New dialog window: "File Information" (Files tab)
+ New parameter in the Settings dialog: Renaming of files with identical names
+ Drag&Drop of ACTL files (Actions List)
+ Drag&Drop of BFL files (Batch File List)

Able Batch (Image) Converter 3.2

April 25, 2009

+ Converting of color depth to any number of colors.
+ New action. Add text (with transparency, shadow, border ...)
+ Auto Adjust Orientation
+ New parameter for "Crop" action: Detect Landscape/Portrait
+ New parameter for "Canvas Size" action: Detect Landscape/Portrait
+ New parameter for "Add Text" action: Detect Landscape/Portrait
+ New parameter (Settings dialog): Auto-Rotate by EXIF orientation tag
+ New parameter (Settings dialog): Dialog languages
+ New parameter (Settings dialog): Drag&Drop filter
+ New parameters: "Conditions" for "Canvas Size" action.
+ New variables for "Add Text" action: File, File with extension, Path
+ New action: "Color Depth Change | To ... bit" with Condition
+ New action: "TIFF | Combine annotations with background"
+ New command line parameter (/filelist="your-files-list")
+ New feature (Logging). Settings.

Able Batch (Image) Converter 3.1

September 25, 2008

+ New action: SetTransparentColor.
+ Drag and drop files and folders from Explorer (to the program window or desktop icon).
+ "Default compression" settings for TIFF files
+ New parameter for Resize action: Units
+ New parameters for Resize action: Condition | File size
+ New parameters for Resize actions from command line
+ Ability to delete original files after conversion
+ New supported RAW formats and cameras

Able Batch (Image) Converter 3.0

July 05, 2008

+ New action. Pixel Thickening.
+ New action. Pixel Thinning.
+ Drag and drop files from explorer.
+ New parameter (Canvas Size action). Background Color | Auto
+ New parameter (Canvas Size action). Transparency.
+ New parameter (Plug-in). Paper size.
+ New output parameters for PDF format. PDF Compression, PDF Paper Size.
+ New output parameters for PS format. PS Compression, PS Paper Size.
+ New command line parameter: /actlist="your-actions-list"

Able Batch (Image) Converter 2.9

January 14, 2008

+ New action. Auto Crop Line.
+ New parameter. Preview for AutoCrop2 action.
+ New parameter. Preview and margins for AutoCrop action.
+ New parameter (Deskewing and Deskewing fine). Crop after deskewing.
+ New input format: DICOM (*.dcm;*.dic;*.dicom)
+ New input format: JBIG files.
+ Automatic B&W conversion (Threshold) with preview
+ New command line parameter: /deskewing
+ New command line parameter: /autocrop
+ New command line parameter: /autocrop2
+ New command line parameter: /pages

Able Batch (Image) Converter 2.8

November, 15, 2007

+ New action. Auto Image Enhancement - Adjust Image Luminosity.
+ New action. Auto Image Enhancement - Auto Image Enhance 1.
+ New action. Auto Image Enhancement - Auto Image Enhance 2.
+ New action. Auto Image Enhancement - Auto Image Enhance 3.
+ New action. Auto Image Enhancement - AutoSharp.
+ New action. Auto Image Enhancement - HistAutoEqualize.
+ New action. Auto Image Enhancement - WhiteBalance_AutoWhite.
+ New action. Auto Image Enhancement - WhiteBalance_GrayWorld.
+ New action. Add Soft Shadow.
+ New action. Color Adjust - Contrast 2.
+ New action. Color Adjust - Contrast 3.
+ New action. Change Color.
+ New command line parameter: /changecolor
+ Combining TIFF annotations with background
+ New action. TIFF file - Edit TIFF Tag.
+ New action. Watermark (with transparency, shadow and border)

Able Batch (Image) Converter 2.7

September, 27, 2007

+ New parameter: ("Select") for "Crop" dialog box.
-  Bug fixed: working with some EPS files.
+ New action: Canvas size
+ New command line parameter: /gif (output gif format settings)
+ New parameter: Child folder (Results tab | Output folder | Child folder)
+ New parameter: NoToAll (dialog box for rewrite existing files)
+ New action: Swap Color Channel

Able Batch (Image) Converter 2.6

August, 07, 2007

+ New action: Crop - Center
+ New string for "Add margins" action
+ New parameter (Percent) for "Add margins" dialog box
+ New command line parameter: /jpeg (output jpg-jpeg format settings)
+ New command line parameter: /overwrite
+ New output parameter: "Rename file" (Result tab)
+ New parameter for "Resize" dialog box.

Able Batch (Image) Converter 2.5

May, 29, 2007

+ New parameter for AutoCrop2 action (Margins)
+ New parameters for Deskewing action (Angle Range, Precision and Edge Detect)
+ New parameters for Deskewing Fine action (Starting Angle, Resolution, Range
   and Max Quality)
+ Two automatic algorithms for B&W conversion (Threshold)
+ Plug-ins: manual and auto search
+ Actions moving
+ Actions editing
+ New command line parameter: Resizing with condition.

Able Batch (Image) Converter 2.4

May, 07, 2007

+ AutoCrop dialog
+ Custom Crop function
+ Resize with Condition
+ New command line parameters (mask (e.g. *.jpg) for input and output files)
+ Saving Actions List to file.
+ Loading Actions List from file.
+ New command line parameter: /dpi
+ New command line parameter: /color
+ New command line parameter: /tiff
+ New command line parameter (/resize)

Able Batch (Image) Converter 2.3

March, 26, 2007

+ Automatic correction of the white balance for RAW files.
+ New output format - WMF
+ New output format - EMF
+ New output format - BMPRAW (real RAW, not camera RAW)
+ New input and output formats - Kodak PCD (*.pcd), DICOM (*.dcm;*.dicom), DR HALO CUT (*.cut), AVS (*.avs), Kodak Cineon (*.cin), Graphviz DOT (*.dot), SMTPE DPX (*.dpx), FITS (*.fits), FlashPIX (*.fpx), HDF (*.hdf), Matlab (*.mat), MIFF (*.miff), MTV Raytracer (*.mtv), Palm Pixmap (*.palm), HP PCL Printer (*.pcl), Apple PICT (*.pict), PIX (*.pix), PWP (*.pwp), RLA (*.rla), Irix RGB (*.sgi), SUN Rasterfile (*.sun), Scalable Vector Graphic (*.svg), TrueType/Postscript font (*.ttf), VICAR (*.vicar), Khoros VIFF (*.viff), XBM (*.xbm), GUMP XCF (*.xcf), XPM (*.xpm)

Able Batch (Image) Converter 2.2

March, 10 , 2007

+ New output format - PSD
+ New output format - ICO
+ New action - Change Resolution
+ New action - Color Depth Change (24 bit, 8 bit, gray, B&W - 3 methods)
+ Image preview
+ New action - Color Adjust (Contrast, Brightness, Hue, Saturation ...)
+ New action - Effects (User filters, Bump map, Lens, ...)
+ Command line working

Able Batch (Image) Converter 2.1

February, 22 , 2007

+ Resolution change for plug-in.
+ New action - 'Deskewing Fine'
+ New action - 'Auto Crop 2'
+ AutoCrop2 dialog box
+ New action - 'Negative'
+ New action - 'Rotate/Flip'

Able Batch (Image) Converter 2.0

December, 10 , 2006

+ Ability to convert PDF, EPS, PS, AI and PRN files.
+ Plug-in support


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