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What's new

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Able Photo Slide Show 1.8


May , 25, 2006


· GetRGBChannel command (copies the R, G and B channels to a separated files).
· Project Manager: bug fixed;
· Individual orientation, transition and interval for each image (Project manager)
· Gradient filling.



Able Photo Slide Show 1.7


January, 10, 2006


· Folder monitoring
· Global caption
· Zooming (popup menu or +/- buttons)
· New transition effects
· The command line parameter "/start" has been added. Slide show start automatically.
· The command line parameter "/showdelay=" has been added. Default value is 3000 millisec (3 sec).
· WebGallery with the slideshow (using IE transitions)
· Watermark


Able Photo Slide Show 1.6


December, 25, 2004


· The opportunity to change a position of a sound file in the playback list.
· Synchronization slides with audio.
· Sound recording for the playback list (voice recording or music by Mic).
· Access to the rotation controls from the pop-up menu (right click).
· Choice of the buttons size in the tool bar.
· Removing the Red Eye effect (caused by flash photography)
· Color adjusting.
· Color mode converting.
· Effects (Negative, Bupmap, Lens, Wave, Morph, User filter)
· Converting to Adobe PDF, PostScript PS, EPS, Wireless bitmap
· Web gallery (see Project Manager).


Able Photo Slide Show 1.5


October, 01, 2004


· The Up and Down buttons has been added in the Project manager.
· The Extensions filter has been added in the Project manager.
· The "Include sub-folders" check box has been added in the Project manager.
· The Rotate buttons has been added in the main window.
· The effect list editor has been added.
· The Image Browser has been added. Allows to perform normal viewing functions and file management tasks (rename, move, copy, delete, e-mail, favorites list, print, edit, get image information, sort).
· Three printing modes have been added.

     1 - Print the currently Selected Image(s).

     2 - Print All Images in the current folder.

     3 - Print Thubmnails for all images in the current folder.

· Automatic choice of best orientation for printing has been added.
· Saving of the rotation settings for each file has been added.
· The rotation selection for each file in the Project Manager has been added.
· Operations for edit of images have been added (to rotate, flip, resize, crop).


Able Photo Slide Show 1.4


February, 15, 2004


· Multiple file selection in Project manager has been added
(you can hold SHIFT down and select a range, or hold CTRL down and select multiple photos).
· The "Sorting" button in Project manager has been added.
· The hot keys in Project manager have been added.
"Alt+A" - Add a file to the list, "Alt+R" - Remove a file from the list.
· 22 new transition effects have been added.
· The command line parameter "/splash" has been added.
Suppresses display of the splash screen during program startup.
· The command line parameter "/exit" has been added. Finishes the program after end of slide-show.
· The command line parameter "/fullscr" has been added. Running program in full screen mode.
· Creation of a slide show project as standalone executable EXE file or SCR file (screen saver) has been added.


Able Photo Slide Show 1.3


September, 7, 2003


· Project manager has been added.
· Adding and removing files in project from any folders (with preview).
· Opening and saving projects.
· New extension associated with program has been added (PSSP - Photo Slide Show Project).
· Launching from command line has been added (folders, files or projects).
· Program context menu in Explorer has been added.
· Description Manager has been added. Addition and viewing of the graphic files description.
· The information is stored directly in files with JPG, JPEG, JPE, TIF, TIFF, FAX, G3N, G3F, TGA, TARGA, VDA, ICB, VST, PIX, GIF, PXM, PPM, PGM, PBM extension.
· The panel for display of the files description has been added.
· Hundred (100) new transition effects with previewing have been added.
· Selection of background color, background image and background image mode of slide show window has been added.
· Captions in Slide Show have been added.


AblePhotoSlideShow 1.2


May, 28, 2003


· Full screen mode
· Hide cursor on full screen mode.
· Background color selection.
· Start and Stop buttons.
· HotKey buttons (Front, Back, Stop, Start, Exit from full screen mode).
· Sound PlayBack WAV, MID and MP3 (only if in system installed MP3 codec) files.
· Zooming using Mouse-Wheel


AblePhotoSlideShow 1.1


December, 15, 2002


Scaling options have been added.


AblePhotoSlideShow 1.0


December, 01, 2002


First version.