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   Printing Images and Thumbnails

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Pressing the print button allows you to:

1 - Print the currently Selected Image(s).

2 - Print All Images in the current folder.

3 - Print Thubmnails for all images in the current folder.



Printing Images:


Able Photo Slide Show will print the currently displayed image. 




· Automatically choose best orientation for printing


If you select this option then Able Photo Slide Show will ignore your Landscape or Portrait setting and automatically choose the orientation that delivers the largest image.


Image printing may take quite a while.  Print time depends on:

· How large the image is.  A small picture prints faster than a large one.
· The speed of your computer and printer, amount of memory, etc.
· The complexity of the image being printed, how many colors it contains, etc.
· The speed of your watch.



Printing Thumbnails:


Able Photo Slide Show will print thumbnails for all images in the current mode.  The number of thumbnails printed per page and their size is determined by the following setting:


Number of thumbnails


This setting will determine how many thumbnails are placed across (horizontally along the page) and down (placed vertically down the page) the page .  The higher the setting, the more thumbnails will be displayed, but the smaller they will appear.


The product of number across by number down determines how many thumbnails will appear on each page.