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TIFF PDF Editor - Testimonials

Jörg R.

1) What do you use AbleFaxTifView for? How does it help you?

Processing of paper documents for electronic document storage

2) What do you consider to be the most interesting feature of the program?

- Multi-page ability

- Adding annotations

3) Where did you first hear/read about AbleFaxTifView?

I have chosen AbleFaxTifView in 2012 as substitution for "KODAK-Imaging" (accessory of "Windows 98 SE").

In the Moment I am updating my PC from "Windows 7" to "Windows 10", so an update of AbleFaxTifView to a Win10-compatible version is necessary.

Joan P B.

1) What do you use AbleFaxTifView for?

Mostly for editing .pdf files. But also viewing files that are .tiff

How does it help you?

It lets me rearrange pages, and even the content of pages.

2) What do you consider to be the most interesting feature of the program?

I guess I use the split and combine pages the most.

Bill Mcgoughran

I can't tell you how much I like this software ,we use it for cleaning up certs and other documents after looking for years for a good tiff editor I found yours years ago and have been using ever since, using on 3 workstations and can't live without it. I think its prefect just th way it is.
Thanks for making a great piece of software and reasonably priced!

Teresa Braun

I use your software in my writing of the second edition of my engineering book. I also used it on the first. I use it for cropping and removing little things on figures that I do not want there. I have used it for noise removal. I think it is fine the way it is.

Jurie van Wyk

We have scanned about 56 000 pages from a collection in our mission archives (300dpi - learned a month ago it should have been at least 400dpi for preservation purposes). Saved to tiff not as single pages but as multiple pages in each due to lack of sufficient knowledge (about 800 multi-page tiff files and now about 17,600 individual pdf documents). At this stage single page tiffs will be especially useful in the revision process for replacing of faulty scans and thus updating the tiff collection.

Stuart Oskins

1) I use it to edit the resolution and file saving parameters of tiffs to maximise the compatibility of scanned images.

2) Its ability to open a wide variety of image files and convert/save them as tiffs.

Rhys Ludlow

I got Able Fax Tif View simply to scan multipage documents easily. This seems like it should be in some basic OS function and perhaps it is and I'm just a doofus. But this works the way I would have expected Windows fax and scan to work. After many years of dreading and avoiding scanning this software finally makes it almost as easy as printing. editors

Able Fax Tif View is a perfect aide for anyone working with various tiff (fax) documents on a regular basis. Offering great compatibility with most popular formats, it allows you to view, edit and print images using a single comfortable tool.

Roy Wegen

I make Tif files at year end for all my financial documents such as broker statements, bank statements, federal and state tax coies, and credit card statements. The .Tif file format is great for this purpose because you can store a number of pages within one .Tif file. For example, if I have 12 monthly statements of 4 pages each I can get all 48 pages in one .Tif file.

    I use another program (MrBills) to create the .Tif files using a scanner with an automatic document feeder. I usually feed the bottom edges of the source documents into the scanner to prevent jams since the top edges are usually bent from usage with minor tears caused by removing the staples.

    The major problem in this process is the automatic document feeder (the scanner is only 4 months old) which ofter time skips pages which I can read again and append to the end of the .Tif file.

    When I complete this process I use Able Fax Tif View User Review to perform the final edit which includes:
1) Rotating pages from bottom to top, since I feed them from the bottom edge.
2) Moving pages to get them in the proper page order, for any appended pages that were skipped on the first pass.
3) Deleting blank pages, when the source documents are printed on both sides and the last page of a monthly statement is blank.

    Able Fax Tif View User Review was the only product I found that would perform the above functions, plus a lot of other useful functions I am just beginning to explore. In addition, the tech support is great and extremely prompt. All in all I highly recommend this excellent product to anybody you creates a lot of .Tif documents. It really saves considerable time when you don't have to constantly process the same batch of document to get a complete scan without skipped pages or jams.

Martin (Houston, TX, USA)

    AbleFaxTifView is a relatively small and very cost effective and efficient program for viewing and editing fax and TIFF files.

    Before I came across this program I was using regular and expensive photo imaging software which did the job but was cumbersome and difficult to use.

    AbleFaxTifView program has unique and time saving features such as de-skewing, noise and random pixel removal (despeckle) and autocropping. Editing tools permit erasing, text addition/deletion, picture pasting etc and there are graphics editing features normally found in typical graphics software such as image resizing, filters, convert to negative etc etc. 
    AbleFaxTifView is easy to work with and the thumbnail layout of a multipage TIFF file makes it very easy to review, select and work on individual pages. I had one or two small problems with the program and the developers were very quick to respond and fix them - customer support is excellent.

1) What do you use AbleFaxTifView for? How does it help you?

2) What do you consider to be the most interesting feature of the program?

Gerrit Wielenga

1) We use it for editing old scanned electric schematics.

2) Simply adding tekst in all Fonts and height and adding lines, circles etc. , deskew, remove noise.

Guillermo Maduro

1) I use AbleFaxTifView mostly to check the general appearance of outgoing faxes.

2) The program contains many interesting features which frankly, I’m still not too familiar with, but to me one of the most useful is being able to save faxes in a specific file. This was not possible in my Windows XP OS, where there was no way of locating any fax files.

Lisa Michelle

1) We use McKesson Practice Partner EMR in our Clinics. They are scanning in old patient records as well as Lab, Radiology and any documents into the patients EMR chart that may be sent to the Clinic. Our Internal IT Department does not want us to save these documents as PDF due to limited space on the server. We had reached out to other resources that also had these same issues and they recommended Able Fax Tiff View. We also needed an easier workflow in order for the Physicians annotation findings and actions on results for the nurse to process as well as document.

Tony Mastroddi

1) I use the program for faxes.
2) The most interesting features are the ability to view numerous thumbnails at one time, plus being able to Cut and Paste sections and insert new text.

Fred Thompson

This is a useful program. We are a land surveying office. We are currently in the process of scanning 30+ years of property plats, and the software that came with the scanner is not really suited for what we need to do.

Kevin Mullen

I use Able Fax Tif View for touching up paper documents that I have fed into my scanner. It allows me to deskew, crop bits of the edge, despeckle, remove extraneous information such as advertisements from magazine articles, and generally get the image looking good, rather than like a crumpled photocopy.

Gordon Brandly

1) I use it to clean up various documents I scan; sometimes for OCRing, sometimes I just store them as plain scanned TIFFs as a backup for my paper copies. AbleFaxTifView is the only editor I've found that can conveniently edit multipage TIFF files.

2) The most _important_ feature for me is the ability to easily crop pages, since my scans usually have dark marks around the edges of pages that I want to get rid of. (I also use cropping to get rid of advertisements in magazine articles I scan.) I also really like the antialiased view of zoomed-out pages; it makes them much easier to read.

Ahmad Gabarin

1) What do you use AbleFaxTifView for? How does it help you?

I am a professor doing research and I use CD’s containing images of manuscripts’ pages. Some of the images in the CD’s are TIFF. Some are old-style JPEG compression. The Microsoft does not help in such cases and the images do not show. Each CD contains hundreds of images. I tried several TIFF readers but they were un-satisfactory. Your software solved the problem. I thank you.

2) What do you consider to be the most interesting feature of the program?

In addition to the above I was pleased to see all the images displayed in thumbnails and I can move between them and print whatever images I need to print. My experience with this viewer is very short. I have just started to use it. But I think that it is a great program.

Julia Ozab

1) What do you use AbleFaxTifView for? How does it help you?

I receive .tif files in my e-mail on a regular basis from friends and collegues. Having just upgraded my computer and installed Windows Vista, my former fax viewing program would not work.

2) What do you consider to be the most interesting feature of the program?

That it works with Vista which seems to be a rarity these days.

Paula Linke

1) What do you use AbleFaxTifView for? How does it help you?

Have scanned newspaper articles in .tif format. Using it to rotate and crop the specific articles/pictures

2) What do you consider to be the most interesting feature of the program?

Being able to select a portion of the scan and then rotate it before cropping completely

Joop Klinkhamer

For some reasons, I have problems with Microsoft office doc imaging even on several machines that it won't recognize faxes.
I was not able to solve this problem and went out on the internet.
Your viewer was the only one who has the page overview like adobe reader.
I have seen that it is very feature rich so I look forward to do more stuff with it.

Mike Petonic

1) What do you use AbleFaxTifView for? How does it help you?

I intend to use it to manage my scanned receipts for my expenses, as well as various documents relating to managing my personal finances.

2) What do you consider to be the most interesting feature of the program?

Ability to quickly scan, edit and annotate receipts (by adding margins to the receipts).

John Tibor

Alaska Billing Services is a medical billing company and we provide billing services for doctors, clinics and other medical practitioners in Alaska. We are moving to a new procedure for processing the bills that are being sent us. Our goal is to reduce or minimize the volume of paper documents that are sent to us. We are using Microsoft Sharepoint Services 3.0 as an interface with our doctors to send us tiff and pdf images of their paperwork. Our staff needs to make comment on the digital documents that are sent us during this process (as opposed to writing on the paper copies we used to receive).

In evaluating a means for making annotations on these digital images, I found Able Tiff Annotations during a Google search. With all the capabilities of ATA 2.10 we found that the ability to make permanent additions to the tiff image was exactly what we needed. With the demo version we couldn’t test batch processing for example but that capability to consolidate and convert pdf’s is also very good. As a small company we appreciate the pricing of the product as well.

Sheryl Wintory

I am a family nurse practitioner, and several times a month I receive Efax emails, until I found your product on CNET, I was forced into a lengthily process to obtain a hard copy of the eFAX. With Able Multipage View, I can instantly view the fax and print it this enables me to expedite the process needed to get medicine to my patients.

The most interesting thing about your product is the easy, practical, and little time it takes to complete the task.

I've had the problem with eFAX for sometime now, and out of desperation today, I looked on CNET/Windows/Download; did a search for "What program reads tif files?" Under Vista I located your products Able Tiff and saw the "light version" and chose that one because of the cost/benefit.

Julian Campbell

I am an attorney. Several of my clients have "paperless" offices. When they receive faxes, they are generally in a TIF format. Rather than printing and scanning the faxes as PDF files, they save them in TIF format. To review those client's files, I need to be able to read TIF files. My prior TIF viewer - an Adobe photo program - was not satisfactory because it displayed the fax image as a photograph - that needed to be re-sized to be readable.

I found your program listed in Computer after doing a search for TIF readers. I tried three of their recommended programs, and yours was the best - easiest to set up and use.

Ben Brenneman

1) For viewing tif/tiff files from a SearchExpress database; healthcare oriented

2) The most USEFUL feature is the ability to view thumbnails of individual pages within a tif/tiff document AND the ability to note and highlight pages from an external string search

Martin Roth

1) I use the program to clean up bad scans. Like I did with the Kodak Imaging - Windows 2000 Tool.

a) Cleaning TIF-Scans - removing Borders, erasing Text from filled forms
b) Inserting a Date or a specific text into a scanned file.

Teresa Hodgson

1) Editing Tif files
How does it help you? Saves printing it out.

2) The page separation feature is very handy.

Diane Koschwitz

 We use it for updating floor plans. Entering the address and permit number as well as the interior layouts.

Ed Spire

I use your product to edit choral sheet music. I scan old copies of sheet music, and bit-edit it to clean it up - removing dirt and noise, markings singers have made on the music, sometimes replace lyrics with larger typeface. I suppose a noise filter would be good, something that would remove small dots that do not form a linear or planar figure. We'd need to have control over how small a dot needs to be to be considered noise.

Tony Platt

1) Editing text and lines on scanned drawing files.

2) The fact it can do basic editing of tiff files.



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