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Printing via command line

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graphman.exe  inputfilename  /sa=prn  /prn_is=ImageSize  /prn_pp=PagePosition

/prn_mu=MeasurementUnits  /prn_mar=martop-marbottom-marleft-marright

/prn_ip=imgwidth-imgheight  /prn_ar=MaintainAspectRatio /prn_gc=GammaCorrection

/prn_pn=PageNumber /printer="PrinterName"




ImageSize - PCX Compression


w        1 - Default. Prints the image at the size in the main display.
w        2 - Fit to Page. Prints an image that is stretched to meet the margin of the page.
w        3 - Specify Size. Prints an image of a specified width and/or height and maintains the aspect ratio of the image or not. If the        aspect ratio is maintained the image will be sized to meet either the width or height.





PagePosition - Specifies where on the page to place the image. There are nine possible places.


w        0 - top-left
w        1 - top-center
w        2 - top-right
w        3 - middle-left
w        4 - center
w        5 - middle-right
w        6 - bottom-left
w        7 - bottom-center
w        8 - bottom-right


MeasurementUnits - Specifies the measurement unit for all related settings.


w        0 - millimetre
w        1 - inches





Margins - Specifies the Top, Bottom, Left and Right margins for the page.  The marquee on the preview image designates each margin.


w        example: /prn_mar=10-10-15-20





ImageProperties - Specifies width and height of an image. Valid only when /prn_is=3 (Specify Size)



w        example: /prn_ip=30-40





MaintainAspectRatio - retains the same width and height ratio no matter what the size designation.


w        0 - disable
w        1 - enable





GammaCorrection - Gamma correction value, use 1 to disable gamma correction.The Gamma setting changes the light value of the images, higher values lighten the image, while lower values darken it.


PageNumber - Establishes page number for print in the multipage document. example: /prn_pn=4


PrinterName - It is used for a choice of the printer. For example: /printer="HP LaserJet 4p"









graphman.exe  test.dxf /sa=prn  /prn_is=3  /prn_pp=4  /prn_mu=1  /prn_mar=1-1-2-2  /prn_ip=10-15  /prn_ar=1 /prn_gc=2