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"File" menu

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               Open ...

Open an existing file.


Click on the File menu, then Open (or use the Open tool on the toolbar.)

A dialog allows you to open a file for use in Able Graphic Manager.


Use the Look in box to locate the file you want, or type a file name into File Name.

Type of files lets you limit your choice, showing only the type of file you want (JPG, for instance.)

The default is All Graphics (Windows can not display at same time all file types supported by AGM).

Double click on an image filename brings the file into the viewer.


               Save ...

Save file in graphic format.

Clicking the "Advanced" button brings up special options for some file types (GIF, JPG, PNG, TIF, BMP, PCX, TGA, ICO ...).



The program that runs your scanner, or any other TWAIN compatible device (digital camera, TV card etc.), will appear.

Follow the steps given in your scanner's manual for scanning an image.


When finished, the image will be placed into Able Graphic Manager.


               Print ...

Open the Print window. In this window you can specify some print options and then print an active document.


               Batch process ...

Processes multiple images (Open the Batch Process dialog box).



Quit Able Graphic Manager.