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Printing Options

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With Able Graphic Manager Print tool, you can specify printer properties, control printer rendering, adjust the size and position of the image. A preview of the image is available.


You can select an image size and the options for each size. The options for each size vary. The Measurement Units designate either inches or millimeters as the unit to measure margins, image width and height.


Image Size

You can select one of the image sizes to print your picture.



Prints the image at the size in the main display.

The following options are available: Page Position and Margins.


Fit to Page

Prints an image that is stretched to meet the margin of the page.

The following options are available: Page Position, Margins and Maintain aspect ratio.


Specify Size

Prints an image of a specified width and/or height and maintains the aspect ratio of the image or not.

If the aspect ratio is maintained the image will be sized to meet either the width or height.

The following options are available: Page Position, Margins and Image Properties.


Each option is applicable to one or more image sizes.  The available options are:


Page Position

Specifies where on the page to place the image.  There are nine possible places.


top-left                        top-center                 top-right

middle-left                center                        middle-right

bottom-left                bottom-center                bottom-right


Measurement Units

Specifies the measurement unit for all related settings.



Specifies the Top, Bottom,  Left and Right margins for the page.  The marquee on the preview image designates each margin.


Image Properties

Specifies the following three settings:


Maintain aspect ratio retains the same width and height ratio no matter what the size designation.

Width: specifies width of an image.

Height: specifies height of an image.


Printer Setup                                

You can select which printer you wish to use for printing.


Click Properties to open the printer properties.