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Common parameters

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It is possible to perform Able Graphic Manager commands from the command line.




Command line string:


graphman.exe  inputfilename  /tardir=target-directory /cm=colormode

/sz=size  /uw=width  /uh=height  /ma=aspectratio  /ex=extents

/sa=outputformat  /col=colormap /notbar /rot=angle




inputfilename - full name to input file (e.g c:\example.dxf)

It is possible to specify a mask of a files (e.g c:\test\*.* or c:\test\*.tif)


tardir - full path to output files (e.g. d:\new\).

If this folder does not exist, it will be created.



colormode - view color mode (0,1) [for DXF files only]


w        0 - monochrome
w        1 - color



size - modes of a sizes setting (0...4)


w        0 - use program window
w        1 - use width
w        2 - use height
w        3 - use width or height
w        4 - use width and height
w        5 - use actual size



width - new width (in pixels)




height - new height (in pixels)




aspectratio - maintain aspect ratio (0,1)


w        0 - to not keeps proportions
w        1 - keep height and width proportion



extents - extents modes (0...3)                [for DXF files only]


w        0 - from file header
w        1 - from entities data
w        2 - maximum value
w        3 - minimum value



outputformat - output file extension


w        jpg
w        tif
w        pcx
w        wmf
w        emf
w        gif
w        png
w        bmp
w        tga
w        pxm
w        ppm
w        pgm
w        pbm

(e.g /sa=jpg or /sa=test.tif)

w        prn (printing)



col - colormap. Bits number each sample has.


w        1 -b&w
w        2 -16
w        3 -256
w        4 -16M


/notbar        Use it if not want to display the application in the task bar


angle        Use it for images rotation (degree, 0 ... 360).








graphman.exe test.dxf /tardir=c:\exampl\ /cm=1 /sz=3 /uw=560 /uh=230 /ma=1 /ex=2 /sa=jpg


graphman.exe c:\temp\*.* /cm=1 /sz=3 /uw=560 /uh=230 /ma=1 /ex=2 /rot=90 /sa=jpg