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International interface

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Download a language file

Able Graphic Manager supports international languages. It means that if English is not your native language and you'd like Able Graphic Manager  to speak your native language, just download and install an additional file (detailed instructions are placed below). Currently available languages: English, German.


Install it to Able Graphic Manager

Download the language file and unpack it to the Able Graphic Manager  home directory. Start the program, click Tools -> Options -> Language, select your language and click OK.


Note. Some translations may contain words in english because new version of Able Graphic Manager  may include new phrases that have not been translated yet. All language files available at release time are included in setup.


Wanna a free registration?

Your native language is not currently supported by Able Graphic Manager ? Create your language file and get a FREE registration!

Just DON'T send us your language file prior to contacting us, as far as such version might be already under development.


Copy English.lng file from the Able Graphic Manager  home directory under the your-language-name.lng name. Open it with any text editor (please do not use Microsoft Word for these purposes!). Translate all texts in this file to your native language, install it to Able Graphic Manager  (see above), check your translation and then mail it to us in order to get a free registration.

Please note that each string in the the file that should be translated has the identifier=some text structure. You should translate ONLY "some text" part of each string since "identifier" part is used by the program to identify text entries.


E-Mail to:        support@graphicregion.com

WWW:                http://www.graphicregion.com/language.htm