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Enhanced parameters

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PCX file




graphman.exe  inputfilename  /pcx-comp=compression




compression - PCX Compression


w        unc - uncompressed PCX (incompatible with most PCX readers)
w        rle - compressed PCX (standard PCX)





JPG file






graphman.exe  inputfilename  /jpg_cs=colorspace  /jpg_dct=DCTmethod  /jpg_oh=OptimalHuffman  /jpg_prg=Progressive  /jpg_qlt=Quality  /jpg_sm=Smooth






colorspace - specify the saved color space


w        1 - RGB is separate RGB channels
w        2 - GRAYLEV is unique intensity channel (gray levels)
w        3 - YCbCr three channels (CCIR Recommendation 601-1)
w        4 - CMYK four channels (Cyan Magenta Yellow Black) - linear convertion
w        5 - YCbCrK four channels (YCbCr and Black)





DCTmethod - Specify the DCT method


w        1 - ISLOW is slow but accurate integer algorithm
w        2 - IFAST is faster, less accurate integer method
w        3 - FLOAT is a floating-point method (machine dependent).





OptimalHuffman - Specifies if jpeg compressor have to use an optimal huffman table (more compression)), instead standard table.


w        0 - disable
w        1 - enable





Progressive - Specifies if this is a progressive jpeg.


w        0 - disable
w        1 - enable





Quality - Quality factor, from 1 to 100. The higher the value, the better the image quality, and the larger resultant memory needed.






Smooth - Smoothing factor (0 is none, 100 is max). If JPEG_Smooth is not zero, the jpeg compressor smooth the image before compress it. This improves compression.









graphman.exe test.dxf /jpg_cs=1 /jpg_dct=1 /jpg_oh=0 /jpg_prg=1 /jpg_qlt=50