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Drag and Drop supported

Batch Process mode (convert and print, file and folder selection). It allows to add a folder(s) with files, including subfolders.

Command Line mode (view, convert and print). There is an opportunity to select files using mask (*).

Displayed entities (DXF-files)

· Arc
· Attrib
· Blocks (including multiple inserted, scaled and mirrored)
· Circle
· Dimension
· Ellipse
· Elliptic arc
· Hatch (including solid)
· Leader
· Line
· LwPolyline
· MultiLine Text
· Point
· Polyline
· Solid
· Spline
· Text (including fit-justified text)
· Trace
· Unicode Text (multilingual)
· ViewPort
· 3DFace
· 3DLine

Displayed properties of entities (DXF-files)

· Color (including Bylayer and Byblock)
· Linetype (Solid, Dashed, Dot, Dashdot, Divide,Bylayer,Byblock)
· Lineweight (from a file or custom)
· Width (for polyline and lwpolyline)
· Text rotation (any angle)
· Text justification (left, right, center, middle, top, bottom)


· Two color mode (color and monochrome)
· Any size (6 modes of a sizes setting)
· Extents selection (4 items)
· Any aspect ratio
· Any image resolution at saving to file
· Zoom (in, out, fit, window)
· Zoom filter (7 items)
· Scroll
· Entities Manager - display management of entities.
· The choice of a background color (Tools->Options->Common->Background Color)

Image acquisition from TWAIN scanners with full control of the scanner capabilities

Converting (saving) to

· JPEG Bitmap (JPG)
· JPEG2000 (JP2, J2K and JPC)
· TIFF Bitmap (TIF)
· PaintBrush (PCX)
· Portable Network Graphics (PNG)
· Windows Bitmap (BMP)
· Windows Metafile (WMF)
· Enhanced Metafile (EMF)
· OS/2 Bitmap (BMP)
· Targa Bitmap (TGA)
· Portable PixMap (PXM)
· Portable PixMap (PPM)
· Portable GreyMap (PGM)
· Portable Bitmap (PBM)

Image processing (Equalize, Contrast, RGB, HSV, HSL, FFT, convert to 24 bit, gray and B&W)

"Copy to clipboard" and "Crop" functions

Effects (Negative, bump map, lens, wave, morph, user filters)

Status information (size, zoom, position, progress bar of file opening)

Watermark drawing (See Tools->Options->Common->WaterMark)


· Any system printer (from dialog window)
· Color or monochrome printing.
· Advanced print control.
· Batch printing
· Printing via command line
· Multipage documents are supported
· Choice of scale at printing
· Opportunity to insert a caption
· "Split on a part" parameter in Print dialog window. It allow to split drawing on a part if drawing has more size than printer paper size.

All program settings are kept.

Supports localization tools for different languages.