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Transform PowerPoint presentations
into standalone Slide Shows

Making a self-launching CD of a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation without Able Photo Slide Show is not an easy task. If you just include the PowerPoint “show” file (.pps) and the computer running the CD doesn’t already have PowerPoint, then there won’t be any show at all. If you include PowerPoint’s “viewer” you not only must write a rather large file to the hard drive of the computer launching the CD, but you also must include detailed instructions so novices can open the show. And if you want novices to be able to re-launch the show without loading it on their hard drives again, then you practically have to produce a manual.

Able Photo Slide Show is a cost-effective solution. The following are step-by-step instructions for turning your PowerPoint into a stand-alone Able Photo Slide Show and then into a self-launching CD. At the bottom you will find a few tips to polish up your presentation and help you handle some issues you might face in creating the standalone Slide Show.

The first step is turning PowerPoint Slides into JPEG pictures.

  1. Open your PowerPoint presentation in PowerPoint. Choose File – Save As.
  2. In the “Save as type” dialog box choose “JPEG File Interchange Format (*.jpg)” and click Save.
  3. PowerPoint will ask, “Do you want to export every slide in the presentation?” Click Yes. Each slide of your presentation is now saved as a separate JPEG file in a new folder.

Now we are ready to make the stand-alone Slide Show with Able Photo Slide Show

  1. Close PowerPoint and run Able Photo Slide Show program. 
  2. Select the slide show options from the dialogue box "Options".
  3. Press the "Project Manager" button .
  4. Go to the directory where your JPEG slides were saved.
  5. Choose files on the right from a folder tree and press "Add" or "Add all" buttons or double clicked on the selected file.
    You will notice that the slides are not positioned properly because they are in alphanumeric order. 
    That is, Slide1.jpg is followed by Slide10.jpg, rather than by Slide2.jpg. Therefore, add files in correct order.
    This is important for making the stand-alone show run the way the PowerPoint presentation ran.
  6. Press "Make EXE, SCR" button when will collect in the left panel the necessary files.
  7. In the dialog box, choose the filename and folder for the standalone slide show, the file type (executable file).
  8. Click the "Save" button to save the slide show under the chosen file name.


Making a self-launching CD

Finally, if you have a CD burner, you might want to make a self-launching CD. Here’s what you do:
  1. First you have to create the autorun.inf file that tells the CD what to do once the disk is read. Open Notepad and type:


    where NAME equals the name you gave to the Slide Show executable file in Step  7 above.
  2. Save this file in the same directory as the Slide Show executable file. You must name it autorun.inf.
  3. Insert a blank CD in your CD burner and launch your burner software.
  4. Put both the Slide Show executable file and the autorun.inf file in the root directory of the new CD and burn it. When completed, this CD will automatically run when placed in the CD tray of almost all computers.



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