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Able TIFF Annotations - History log

+ Added feature
* Improved/changed feature

Able Tiff Annotations 3.21

+ Fixed issue that could occur when working with several monitors.

Able Tiff Annotations 3.20

+ New GhostScript plug-in.

Able Tiff Annotations 3.19

+ New GhostScript plug-in.

Able Tiff Annotations 3.18

+ New GhostScript plug-in.

Able Tiff Annotations 3.17

+ Ability to choose an encoding and decoding standard for a text annotation (UTF8 or ANSI).

Able Tiff Annotations 3.3

+ Now program support unicode characters in annotations (text, memo ...).

Able Tiff Annotations 3.2

June, 2013

+ New action for batch mode: Combine graphic annotations with background

Able TIFF Annotations 3.1

July 20, 2012

+ Saving parameters of the "File-Open" dialog.
+ New action for batch mode: Combine annotations with background.
+ Menu customization
+ Ability to set Default size for Text and Memo
+ Multipage scrolling
+ New command: Paste to all Selected Pages
+ New command: Export To Folder (allows to convert file into predefined folders)

Able TIFF Annotations 2.9

September 03, 2008

+ New command line parameters (TWAIN parameters).
+ New command line parameter (/view) to disable editing functions.
+ New command. View | Display Grid
+ New action for batch mode: Split Pages.
+ New action for batch mode: Reorder Pages.
+ New action for batch mode: Reverse of Pages.
+ ERASER mode: accelerated and improved
+ TEXT mode: accelerated and improved
+ New command: Edit | Combine pages

Able TIFF Annotations 2.8

April 14, 2008

+ New command: Tools | Auto Crop Line
+ New parameter. Preview for AutoCrop action.
+ New parameter. Preview for AutoCrop2 action.
+ B&W conversion (Threshold) with preview.
+ New parameter (for Deskewing and Deskewing fine). Crop after deskewing.
+ Working in dual monitor mode.
+ Working in systems with 256 colors.
+ Working in systems with 4 GigaByte memory.
+ New command: Edit | Reverse of pages
+ New mode for command "Edit | Reorder pages"

Able TIFF Annotations 2.7

December 07, 2007

+ New command: Rotate and Crop.
+ Rotate: ability to rotate an image for less than 1 degree.
+ New button on toolbar: Send selected pages by e-mail.
+ Odd and Even pages selection.
+ New command: Reordering of the pages (unbooklet).
+ New input format: JBIG files.
+ New command: View - Pages Stacking

Able TIFF Annotations 2.6

October, 30 , 2007

+ New parameter: PDF compression
+ New command in Drawing mode: Flood Fill
+ 'Split Page' function (auto and manual mode) Edit | Split Page
+ New input format: DICOM (*.dcm;*.dic;*.dicom)
-  Fixed several minor bugs

Able TIFF Annotations 2.5

August, 30 , 2007

+ Cropping for all selected pages (Edit | Crop)
+ Dialog box for "Deskewing" function (Tools | Deskewing ...)
+ Dialog box for "Deskewing Fine" function (Tools | Deskewing Fine ...)
+ Confirmation for combining annotations with background
+ New parameter: Mouse wheel zoom position (center or mouse)
+ New parameter: Mouse wheel invert direction
+ New function: Canvas size (Tools | Canvas soze ...)
- Bug fixed: working with some EPS files

Able TIFF Annotations 2.4

June, 29 , 2007

+ Plug-ins: manual and auto search
+ Rotation of annotations together with rotation of page
+ New PDF_PaperSize parameter (Settings | Saving)

Able TIFF Annotations 2.3

April, 22 , 2007

+ Autosizing for Text object
+ Program now allows to send by e-mail either all or selected pages.
+ Measurement tools (length, area, calibrate)
+ Default color depth
+ 'White Transparent' property for image stamp (to insert signature)

Able TIFF Annotations 2.2

April, 05 , 2007

+ Upgrade reminder
+ New actions in the Batch mode:
    Change Resolution
    Color Depth Change (24 bit, 8 bit, gray, B&W - 3 methods)
    Color Adjust (Contrast, Brightness, Hue, Saturation ...)
    Effects (User filters, Bump map, Lens, ...)
+ Image preview
+ New selection tools (Save-Load selection to-from file, Custom selection ...)

Able TIFF Annotations 2.1

February, 15 , 2007

+ Resolution change for plug-in.
+ New command: Tools | Deskewing Fine
+ New command: Tools | Auto Crop 2
+ Saving the ICC profile associated with image
+ AutoCrop2 dialog box
+ Date/time inserting for Text stamp.
* Text to Image conversion (multipage). File | Text Import

Able TIFF Annotations 2.0

December, 10 , 2006

+ Ability to view and edit PDF, EPS, PS, AI and PRN files.
+ Plug-in support
+ Color Management System (CMS)
+ 'Negative' function in Batch mode.

Able TIFF Annotations 1.9

November, 10 , 2006

+ Export of the batch files list
+ Import of the batch files list
+ Refreshing for the files list
+ Import|Export of settings
+ New Polyline ending mode
+ Undo Location
+ Undo Limit
+ Page moving by using of drag & drop.
+ Viewing modes: page view, page and thumbnails, thumbnails only.

Able TIFF Annotations 1.8

September , 04 , 2006

+ New command: Combine Selected objects with background
+ Memo font locking (user can modify font and alignment using shortcuts)
+ Multipage files merge (any files, any pages) Edit | Merge.
+ New command line parameter ("/page=your_page_number")
+ Converting to 8 bit color
+ 'Color' parameter for TEXT tool.
+ 'Auto Crop Edge Space' function in Batch mode.
+ 'Auto Crop Black Border' function in Batch mode.
+ 'Path' information (File | Info)
+ New command: Select all pages (Edit menu)
+ New command: Delete file (File | Delete)
+ Ability to delete the original file at "Save as"
+ File associations checking.

Able TIFF Annotations 1.7

April, 27, 2006

+ Customization: menu hotkeys (shortcuts), toolbar.
+ Zoom filter for an edit modes (annotation, draw, erase).
+ New buttons on toolbar (Fit Height, Fit Width and Actual Size).
+ File size and date information.
+ Multipage moving.
+ Rotating of a Selected area.
+ Ability to lock the file at editing
+ Showing the number of page at printing.
+ Mouse wheel actions.
+ Annotation info on thumbnails.
+ New commands: Select all and Unselect all Objects.
+ Multipage color adjustment.
+ Tips of the day
+ Importing of the Text to the Graphics
+ New command: Split page
+ Easy Print command (printing without dialog)
+ Default compression is possible

Able TIFF Annotations 1.6

February, 20, 2006

+ Image loading from URL
+ Printing of the Wang Annotations
+ Auto Crop Edge Space
+ Auto Crop Black Border
+ Object antialiasing (for annotation)
+ Printing of a multiple copies
+ Toolbar dragging (to a left, right or top side)
+ Pages list (thumbnails)
+ Files list (thumbnails)
+ Files list operations (save, load)
+ Automatic combining with background at saving and sending (Settings | Annotation)
+ Multiuser settings
+ Selection size in the status bar
+ Printing of the current display
+ Window location parameters
+ Batch processing
+ Combining lots of single pages into a multipage file (Edit | Insert page).
+ Custom rotating
+ Storage of the last used printer and paper size
+ Show-hide preview button (Print dialog)
+ Screen units
+ Zoom Window
+ "Acquire Selected" button
+ Many parameters for work with scanner
+ One copy of the program at a time

Able TIFF Annotations 1.5

September, 01, 2005

+ Automatic orientation at printing.
+ Image associations.
+ The rubber stamp annotation.
+ The Stamp annotation properties manager.
- Bug with slow printing.
+ Startup mode settings.
+ Magnifier.
+ Image Caching settings.
+ Create backups ("bak" extension).

Able TIFF Annotations 1.4

June, 10, 2005

+ Opening Multipage PCX (DCX)
+ Thumbnail size editing.
+ Saving the selected pages to multipage document.
+ Most Recently Used list.
+ TIF Tags reader.
+ Color settings in the "Add Margins" dialog.
+ Annotation tools.
+ Old JPEG compression metod.
+ Added the capability to read 16 bit CMYK.
+ Opening all files of Common Graphic formats
(*.jpg;*.pcx;*.bmp;*.ico;*.cur;*.png;*.wmf;*.emf;*.tga;*.pxm;*.wbmp;*.jp2;*.dcx;*.crw ...).
+ Date/Time annotation.
+ Window State and Window Size parameters.
+ Parameters for solving a scanner problem.
+ Size setting using the Specified Scale on printing.
+ "Next File" and "Previous File" buttons on tool bar.
+ Annotation editing.
+ Measurement Units.
+ Annotation search in the files.
+ TIFF tags editing (view, add, delete, modify).

Able TIFF Annotations 1.3

February, 10, 2005

+ Auto Adjust DPI for loaded/scanned images.
+ Converting to Adobe PDF format (PDF), PostScript (PS, EPS), Wireless Bitmap (WBMP),
   Multipage PCX (DCX).
+ The page insertion instead of replacement at the PASTE command.
+ The empty page insertion.
+ Choice of color for the erase tool.
+ Rotate and Flip buttons on the toolbar.
+ Deskewing Image (to correct images that were skewed from fax transmission, scanning, etc)
+ Remove Noise and Remove Isolated Pixels.
+ Color Adjust.
+ Effects.
+ Convert to 24 bit, to gray, to black and white.
+ Add margins.
+ Paste as Page and Paste as Image.
+ Moving and resizing of the inserted images.
+ Installation as a MSI package is available on request.
+ Clearing of a selected area on all of the selected pages (Ctrl + Del).
+ The "save/export page" exports all of the SELECTED pages.
+ Two more options: "Append Page" and "Append Multipage".
   This will add the new pages directly to the end of the open document.
+ Save/Export have been separated in to a Save and Save As commands.
+ Negative image
+ Zoom filter
+ Drawing tools (objects, color, fill, frame, pen, highlight)

Able TIFF Annotations 1.2

October, 18, 2004

+ Image acquisition from TWAIN scanners has been added.
+ Image acquisition from WIA scanners and cameras has been added.
+ Selection tools (to print a selected area for example) have been added.
+ Eraser tools have been added.
+ "Insert MultiPage document" button has been added.
+ Working with selection region has been added (allow to delete, copy, cut, paste, crop, print).
+ The insert of the text has been added.
+ Saving of the print parameters has been added.
+ Fast print has been added.

Able TIFF Annotations 1.1

June, 15, 2004

+ Printing and editing have been added. 

Able TIFF Annotations 1.0

May, 15, 2004

= First version.


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