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Easy Email Parser software

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  Current version: (October 26 2023)


for windows 95, 98, me, nt, 2000, xp, vista Compatible with Windows 8 Compatible with Windows 10 Compatible with Windows 11

An easy way to automatically extract data from your emails.

Our email parser automatically extract important data from recurring emails based on your own custom parsing rules (templates).

Easy Email Parser is a tool to automatically capture text from your emails and send it to spreadsheets, databases, text files etc.

Easy Email Parser allows you to convert an unstructured email into easy-to-handle structured data.

It's an easy-to-use template-based parser.

What are typical use-cases for Easy Email Parser?

Easy Email Parser can be used to pull data fields from any kind of machine-generated email such as:

  • Purchase orders
  • Emails sent by lead providers
  • Contact form emails
  • and many other types.

This can be helpful in a number of ways, such as:

1. To extract data from emails automatically, without having to manually copy and paste it yourself.

2. Automatically extracting data can help improve accuracy by avoiding manual entry mistakes.

3. Email parsing can help in building a database of customer information from emails (such as names, addresses, phone numbers, etc.)

4. Email parsing can also be used to automatically generate reports based on data extracted from emails.

It's Template-Based Parser.

Template-based parsers use a template to identify the data you want to extract. The template is created based on a sample of the text you want to parse.

Template-based parsers are much easier to use.

Currently the program contains the following templates:

  • Avangate (2Checkout)
  • Shareit (DigitalRiver, MyCommerce)
  • Paypro (PayproGlobal)
  • AllSoft (SoftLine)
  • SoftKey


How to use


Start the program.


Click the FILES tab.

Click Add Files or Add Folder button.

Add Files:

This will open the Open Files dialog box.

Select your emails to be processed, then click the Open button.

This will add selected files to the List of e-mails.

Add Folder:

This will open the Browse for Folder dialog box.

Select required folders to be converted, then click the OK button.

This will add all files from these folders to the List of e-mails.


Click the TEMPLATES tab.

Click Add Templates button and select the desired templates to download to the list.

Select a template from the list to be used with the previously added emails.


Click the PARSING tab.

Click START button.

The program will process all e-mails from the list in accordance with the selected template and fill in the table with data.


Click the EXPORT tab.

Select the output folder, output format and file name and click the Export button.

All data from the Parsing page will be exported to the selected format.

How to create a template. Example:



*** Order information ***
Date: 2021-04-19 16:00:39
Time zone: GMT+03:00
2Checkout reference: 149914236
External reference:
Order number: 4836
Payment method: Visa/MasterCard
Order status: Order complete
Referrer: N/A
Order flow: REGULAR
Order origin: Web
Message type: AUTH

*** Ordered products ***
Product #: 3257924
Product name: Advanced TIFF Editor
External reference:
Product code: ATE
Selected options:
Personal License
Quantity: 10
Unit price: 470.07 EGP
Delivered codes: 33-WW27-F4F4RM
Total: 4700.66 EGP
*** Order information ***
Date: {{OrderDate}}
Time zone: GMT+03:00
2Checkout reference: {{Reference}}
External reference:
Order number: {{OrderNumber}}
Payment method: {{PaymentMethod}}
Order status: {{OrderStatus}}
Referrer: N/A
Order flow: REGULAR
Order origin: Web
Message type: AUTH

*** Ordered products ***
Product #: {{ProductID}}
Product name: {{ProductName}}
External reference:
Product code: ATE
Selected options:
Quantity: {{Quantity}}
Unit price: {{Price}}
Delivered codes: {{SerialNumbers}}
Total: {{Total}}

Write to us if ...

  • you failed to create a template yourself.
    We will gladly help you.
  • you encounter any errors in the program.
    We will try to fix them as soon as possible.
  • you have suggestions to improve the program and add new features.
    We will definitely implement your wishes.

We give a discount to everyone who sends a bug report and a suggestion for improving the program.


With all these features, simple interface, excellent usability, low cost and free trial period - why are you still reading? Press that Download button now!

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Screenshots (click thumbnails to see big image)

1. Main Window

image and photo search

2. Templates.

easy email parser - templates

3. Parsing.

easy email parser - parsing

4. Export.

Easy email parser - export


Download, Purchase

Free DOWNLOAD File size: 5.1M

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We are working at the moment on other tools. If you think you would be interested in such programs and future releases of Easy Email Parser, please subscribe to our mailing lists on these products and we'll let you know when they are released. All details are here.


Using 'Easy Email Parser' crack, password, serial numbers, registration codes, key generators is illegal and prevent future development of Easy Email Parser.



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