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Able Graphic Manager (formerly Able DXF Manager) is a format conversion software. It can conveniently convert DXF files into PDF, PS,  JPG, EMF, BMP, PXM, DCX etc. in normal (file by file), batch (many files at a time), and command line modes.

When can Able Graphic Manager be useful for you?

  • When you need to convert DXF files into PDF, PS, EMF, PPM, PGM, PXM, DCX etc. file;
  • When you have a large number of files to be converted;
  • When a DXF file is too big, but you wish to open it quickly, you can export the BMP file first, and then print it out;
  • When you are unsatisfied with the effects of raster file printed out by CAD software;

You will find that Able Graphic Manager can help you to:

  • Open various DXF versions (R2.5-R2002);
  • Support batched conversion of multiple files;
  • Select the printout of color or monochrome raster file;
  • Set the size of raster file to be printed out freely;
  • Registering once, you will permanently receive free upgrades;
  • Support printing;
  • Command line parameters;

Displayed entities

  • Arc
  • Attrib
  • Blocks (including multiple inserted, scaled and mirrored)
  • Circle
  • Dimension
  • Ellipse
  • Elliptic arc
  • Hatch (including solid)
  • Leader
  • Line
  • LwPolyline
  • Multi-line text
  • Point
  • Polyline
  • Solid
  • Spline
  • Text (including fit-justified)
  • Trace
  • Unicode Text (multilingual)
  • ViewPort
  • 3DFace
  • 3DLine
  • ...

Displayed properties of entities

  • Color (including Bylayer and Byblock)
  • Linetype (Solid, Dashed, Dot, Dashdot, Divide, Bylayer, Byblock)
  • Lineweight (from a dxf file or custom)
  • Width (for polyline and lwpolyline)
  • Text rotation (any angle)
  • Text justification (left, right, center, middle, top, bottom)

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DXF Format Specifications


The AutoCAD DXFTM (Drawing eXchange Format) format is the native vector file format of Autodesk's AutoCAD application.

DXF is probably one of the most widely supported vector formats in the world today. DXF files are relatively easy to parse since they are tagged and text based and therefore human readable. However, creating valid DXF files for the newer versions of AutoCAD is rather tricky.


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