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Using the Able Batch Image Converter


Settings, Plug-in

1. Add files to the files list.


Click the "Add Files" button to add the files that will be converted.

Click the "Add Folders" button to select every image in the directory.

"Remove" and "Clear all" take chosen files back out.

Click the "Load List" button to load the "List of files" from the text file.

Click the "Save List" button to save the "List of files" to the text file.

All files in the "List of files" will be processed with the actions specified.

To only process specific files you can Highlight the files you do not want to process

and remove them from the list with the REMOVE button.

Then you can process the remaining files with the chosen actions.

2. Add actions to the Actions list (if requested)


Select the "Actions list" tab to apply many special operations to the images during conversion (Resize, Rotate, Remove Noise, Auto Crop etc).

Press the "Add ..." button to add reqiested action.


More info about actions.

3. RESULT tab.


Select the destination folder.

Output folder.

Select the output directory. Click the "Browse..." button to find it. When you have selected a directory with Browse, click the OK button.

Select new file type or Print.

Save as type or Print.

Select the Output Format. The Advanced"" button lets you choose various operations to perform.

4. Start

Click the "Start" button to begin. A box shows the progress of the conversion. If you need to halt, click the "Stop" button.

When you are finished converting files, click "Cancel" to exit. Another way of exiting is to click the X in the upper right corner.

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