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Compression. Specifies the compression type for TIFF image format.

Image index is the index (from 0) of the image.

Photometric. Photometric interpretation.

Colors. Specifies the desired color space.

Scanned document info.

Name. Specifies the document name field of a TIFF image format.

Description. Specifiy the image description field of a TIFF image format.

Page name. Page name field in a TIFF image format.

Page number. Page number field in a TIFF image format.

Horiz. Position. X top-left position of the original scanned image.

Vert. Position. Y top-left position of the original scanned image.



Quality. Quality factor, from 1 to 100. The higher the value, the better the image quality and the larger resultant memory needed.

DCT method. Specify the DCT method.

Photometric. Photometric interpretation.

Smoothing factor. Smoothing factor (0 is none, 100 is max). If JPEG_Smooth is not zero, the jpeg compressor smooth the image before compress it. This improves compression.

Optimal Huffman. If checked, specifies the Jpeg compressor to use an optimal Huffman table (more compression).  If unchecked, a standard table is used.

Progressive. Specifies if this is a progressive jpeg.



From here the user can select the options they wish to use to print the current file.

Following that is a series of check boxes providing several printing options.

They are:

Normal - print the image without any scaling factors

Fit to page - Scales the image to fit the page

Stretch to Page - Stretches the image to fill the page

Specified Size : specify absolute sizes with the Width and Height parameters

Specified Scale : specify the Scale of sizes

Print all pages - Check this box to Print all of the pages in the file

Fast Print - fast but with low quality.

Automatic orientation - can detect optimal orientation.

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