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How to Resize Pictures (Photos and Images) in Able Photo Resizer.

How to resize photos, pictures, images? How to change image size? How to reduce image size? How to make pictures smaller? Able Photo Resizer is a simple, quick and easy tool to resize (reduce or enlarge) any single or batches…
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How to annotate TIFF file?

Questions: How to add annotation to TIFF file? How to view and edit imaging annotations? I have a need to combine the annotations along with the TIFF image and merge them into one image. Available programs with this feature: Advanced…
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How to merge multiple TIFF files to a single multi-page image?

Questions: I have multiple TIFF files, can I merge them to a single one with Advanced TIFF Editor? We need to import TIFF files into a document scanning system as a single file.  I’m looking for a tiff editor that…
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