Able Photo Slide Show – testimonial 05-12-2018

You wanted to know how I am using the application. For 13 years we have been living in our RV as full-timers and traveled the United States. That is how we generated 13,000+ photos of our travels.

Now that we are coming off the road and moving into a house, we wanted to have a small PC with a large screen displaying our photos as memories for our friends and us. We had been trying the Microsoft Windows 10 Lock Screen Slideshow but it did not span all the photos. And the Lock Screen Slideshow is woefully under-documented.

The Lock Screen Slideshow would fill the screen by cropping photos which we did not like. It did have a way of putting multiple photos on a page. We experimented with a half-screen of one photos with two quarter screen photos. The positioning was tight together but the photos were all cropped. We prefer the single picture at a time.

Able Photo Screen Show is doing what we wanted. Great product once I figured it out.

Now I need to tract down a few photos that are defying the EXIF rotation. The photo looks fine in a folder display until you view and it turns. Nothing to do with APSS, it is how we treated some of the photos along the way. I am using a rotator program that can reset the EXIF which cures the rotation issue.

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