Able Photo Slide Show – Testimonial – 07.04.2023

I’ve been using your free version for many, many years. Really enjoy it. Lately I’ve been
using a high-quality 43″ TV as a monitor. It’s HD and HDR. A really good quality picture.
I dedicate this 43″ monitor to the slideshow exclusively. About 18 hours a day I run it.
I have about 40,000 photos in my folder I draw upon for the Slideshow software. That’s about
30 years of taking photographs, both professionally and as an amature, and photos from my
friends and family, plus some downloads off Flickr (Mostly off Explore each day).

The Free version has worked flawlessly all these years and given me the level of control I want over the
presentation of the photos. I honestly don’t have any suggestions for improving the program. It’s been perfect
for me all these years.

I have told my friends about your program and several have downloaded it and been very happy with it.

I’ve only had the new version up and running for an hour or so but I do notice some differences. It seems like the background colors change their shade a little depending on the photos. I like that some of the background colors change.

I am not sure where I first heard about your program, it was so long ago. Most important feature for me? The control over how the photos are displayed, e.g., how long? Setting the time of the transition between photos and the kind of transition.

In summary, your program is one of the most important pieces of software that I use, period. Viewing photos is very important to me and your program does an outstanding job in every way.

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