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Douglas Carraway Photographer

What do you use EasyPhotoSlideShow for? How does it help you?

As I take my clients images I wanted the images to automatically be displayed in a slideshow.

What do you consider to be the most interesting feature of the program?

The hot folder.  Automatically plays the image in the folder without removing the file from the folder.

Herve Thery

What do you use EasyPhotoSlideShow for? How does it help you?

Geography lessons at Sao Paulo University (as a complement to Powerpoint)

What do you consider to be the most interesting feature of the program?

The possibility to choose the time each slide stays on the screen

Where did you first hear/read about EasyPhotoSlideShow?

Looking for a good slideshow software on Google

Leonard Mattie

    I am using this for my new restaurant that will be opening in May 2014. I am mounting a monitor vertically at the entrance an i wanted to show my specials on it. I tried using Powerpoint but it was complicated. I found your software by Googling the keywords "software, slideshow, full screen, simple".
    The description showed all of the features that I wanted and the $20 price was very reasonable.
    It's ease is very impressive.

Kel Bradstock - Photos in a Flash

    I recently purchased Able Photo Slide Show. Absolutely love it, simple effective and very professional. I am able to produce stunning slideshows for family, friends and clients in a matter of minutes. The ability to make an true executable disk is sensational. I have been looking for a programme such as this for a while and will use it often. Oh and the price - cheap as chips!! (Thats Aussie for great value)

C|Net - Editor's review

    Software to build slide shows from digital photos is easy to find, but this tool makes the job easier than most. All a user has to do to get started is select a folder where pictures can be found, and the software takes over from there, cycling through pictures using a wide range of transition effects between images. It automatically resizes and centers photos so they match one another. More advanced users can set the interval time between pictures, synchronize the slide show with audio, change the display mode to tiled, stretched, or centered, and add captions. A handful of basic editing tools also are included, allowing features such as color correction and red-eye reduction. On the whole, we see this download as a well-designed addition to any digital photographer's set of tools.

Doug Cross

I ordered the computer and did not like the Vista Photo Gallery due to the limited transitions available. So I searched a few photo programs and yours seemed to provide the most features, including the transitions, the time delay, and ability to select from multiple folders.

Robert Sieloff

    I am going to use Able Photo Slide Show show for a digital picture frame to be given out at Christmas this year. I have used some free slide show applications in the past, but I thought yours was nice, tested it on my XP machine and it worked fine.
    Being able to run from a command line is the number 1 feature that I look for. The second feature that is a must is that the program need to just randomly display pictures located in a folder. Yours did this. I really like that it will resize pictures for the screen size. This will save me a lot of photoshop time.


    I love your program.....I have been looking for such a program to use my many photos that I take when I travel in "Slide Show format" on my computer when it is not in use. A real nice program.

3d2f.com editors

Able Photo Slide Show is an «ordinary» slideshow viewer with many hidden unordinary goodies. Let’s discover them one by one. Starting with «just a slideshow», you have all the features that could be expected (and a bit more for «A+» mark): selecting an entire folder with photos or selecting sets of photos from several folders, cool transition effects, automatic and manual viewing mode. Of course, Able Photo Slide Show can fit images in your screen and rotate them. Of course, it has the full-screen mode (no buttons, no cursors, just the pretty photos). But that is not even a quarter of the software’s features!

Able Photo Slide Show has a really convenient Project Manager, which allows you to easily select photos from all over your disks, filter them and arrange. It also has Description Manager, which allows providing nice caption texts for your nice photos. Entire projects can be exported to «standalone» slide-shows: application only (.exe) or even screensavers. Moreover, this particular slideshow tool carries a good general-purpose image browser, loaded with some basic editor features (effects, red-eye removal, and color adjustments), printing and file management!

Now you can see, even in overcrowded area like slideshow software you can expect more then just a «program like others».

D J Garay

I got the download, ran it and it works nicely. I have (so far) nearly 500 photos on my XP laptop that we intend to add to , and to show (random order) at a 50th wedding anniversary. Random display is the most important feature (so far)..I had tried Google's in-development "Picasa" but that didn't have random slide show...actually Google displayed your description third or so in the list of possibilities to my search ...I looked at others on the list but yours seemed the best and it has done all I asked

Keith Johnson

What do you use Able Photo Slide Show for? How does it help you?

I am a professional photographer and I use it to display a slide show of photos in my waiting area as I shoot them.

What do you consider to be the most interesting feature of the program?

I like that it monitors a folder and displays them as they appear, and that it auto-rotates them.

AB Bonds

What do you use EasyPhotoSlideShow for? How does it help you?

I have an older laptop that only supports Windows 2000/NT. It does not have a convenient fullscreen viewer for leafing through large photo archives. This seems a nice solution.

What do you consider to be the most interesting feature > of the program?

Very easy to use, does not require setting up a show in advance, just click it on a directory and go.





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