Protecting Intellectual Property with Able Graphic Manager

Nowadays your customers and clients are, like you, using CAD systems. They want to include images of your components in their own assembly drawings, site plans, technical manuals or promotional materials. And nothing could surely be easier than having you provide them with copies of your CAD files for them to incorporate in their work?

Unfortunately there are very good reasons not to hand over CAD files. Intellectual property rights, release control issues, potential for reverse engineering, danger of a modified CAD file somehow returning back into the organization - these are the issues that should be considered before CAD files are released to external users.
   To put this in perspective, there are also some good reasons for you, when you are a customer yourself to prefer not to receive a CAD file. If you are negotiating a specification with your supplier the exchange of CAD files prior to contract could have implications for performance of the contract. What might seem like an efficient way for engineers in supplier and customer organizations to exchange engineering information could end up in a nightmare of responsibility claims. 

So, despite the technical attraction of exchanging data at the CAD level, the best method for exchanging images may be to use the digital equivalent of paper: raster format. Able DXF manager batch produces these raster files from CAD source files.


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