Archiving with Able Graphic Manager

The essence of archiving is making useful information available today and for as long into the future as the information could be needed. 

There are examples of five year old CAD files that cannot be opened in the latest version of the application that created them. So archiving CAD format files and expecting that they can be viewed in five or ten years time is risky. And most end users of completed engineering drawings need nothing more complex than a 2D image from which to work. 
   The raster image fulfills this need:

It is the electronic equivalent of a paper print, only more durable and much cheaper to store;

It can capture for ever each individual revision of a design - so you only store the latest rev CAD files;

Raster images created today will be easily viewable in decades and even centuries to come. 

Able Graphic Manager software generates these raster image files from CAD files.   


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